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ICC Factory’s waterproofing solutions provide contractors materials that protect a building’s structures from water damage. Certain waterproofing methods are needed across construction sites and buildings, to keep water and moisture out. This is particularly useful in areas such as basements, decks or other locations where dampness can cause damage.

Both cementitious and acrylic-membrane varieties are available through ICC Factory. Our products meet international standard specifications for high-solids content, cold liquid-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane for use with a separate wearing course (ASTM C836). Our experts help clients choose between locally and internationally produced waterproofing solutions that best suit their needs.

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Bonding Agents & Admixtures

Electric Water Heaters, Drains, Cast Iron Ducts, Interceptors, Valves, Tile Pipes/Fittings, Water Hammer Arrestors, etc.

Concrete Repair

An epoxy used to fix hardened concrete surface that has lost its binding strength over time due to damage or environmental exposure


A dense fluid used to fill gaps and joints - particularly tiles

Tile Adhesives

A special glue used to install tiles on floors and walls

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