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Binachem LA – 2000

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem LA - 2000. Flexible Waterproofing Membrane (conforms & complies to ASTM C-836).

Product description
Key features
BINACHEM LA-2000 is a cold applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane designed from 100% acrylic polymer resin emulsion and selected grades of water repelling mineral fillers. After application it cures on exposure to atmosphere and forms seamless elastomeric waterproofing membrane.


BINACHEM LA-2000 can be used for external & internal waterproofing, crack sealing & repair etc. for different type of substrates & structures like

  • Roof Deck & Walls: can be used as a protective & self-reflective waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing under tiles for wet area i.e. Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens & Basements etc.
  • Waterproofing over Asbestos roof, terrazzo tiles, Bricks, Concrete, Metal surfaces, Roofing felts etc.
  • Excellent choice for waterproofing over Corrugated sheets/Shinko sheets


  • 20 Litre Pail


Approximate 1m2 / Litre/ Coat with film thickness approx. 350 microns

Primer coat:

Primer coat made of Binachem LA-2000 by diluting with water @ 1:1 recommended for porous surfaces.
Binachem LA-2000 can be applied by brush, roller, trowel or squeegee. Primer coat applied should be allowed to dry for minimum 3 hours. Successive coats should be applied after initial coat is tacky or touch dry (minimum 4 Hours re-coat interval).Depending on the substrate and type of application minimum 2 coats are always required, an additional coat may also be required in areas of extremely high infiltration.

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