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While all products consist of the same core materials — a mixture of water, cement, and sand — each is customizable with added materials to allow for its application across specific purposes.

Some grout products are used to fill hard-to-reach gaps in building structures through pressure grouting, while other kinds are used to connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids or seal joints, such as those between tiles. The dense liquid chemical can also be used for reinforcing building structures by facilitating the embedding of steel bars in masonry walls.

Our products meet the ANSI A118.6 (American National Standard Specifications for tile installation with standard cement grout) and ANSI A118.7 (American National Standard Specifications for high-performance cement grout for tile installation).

Clients can consult with ICC in-house experts to finalize their choice of grout product according to the specific needs of their project site.

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Bonding Agents & Admixtures

Electric Water Heaters, Drains, Cast Iron Ducts, Interceptors, Valves, Tile Pipes/Fittings, Water Hammer Arrestors, etc.

Concrete Repair

An epoxy used to fix hardened concrete surface that has lost its binding strength over time due to damage or environmental exposure

Tile Adhesives

A special glue used to install tiles on floors and walls


Solution to help make objects and structures water resistant

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