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ICC Factory provides masonry contractors with materials such as fillers and sealants to undertake concrete repair of buildings and infrastructural projects. Environmental factors can cause concrete materials to harden over time, resulting in cracks, chipped surfaces, superficial scaling or other physical signs of weakness. Our product range includes both cementitious and epoxy concrete repair varieties, which allow masonry contractors to strengthen and improve the appearance of, as well as, eliminate safety hazards from building structures.

ICC Factory provides concrete repair materials from both local and international manufacturers. Our experts help clients make informed choices about the best products for their construction needs.

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Bonding Agents & Admixtures

Electric Water Heaters, Drains, Cast Iron Ducts, Interceptors, Valves, Tile Pipes/Fittings, Water Hammer Arrestors, etc.


A dense fluid used to fill gaps and joints - particularly tiles

Tile Adhesives

A special glue used to install tiles on floors and walls


Solution to help make objects and structures water resistant

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