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Binachem Bitu Coat

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem Bitu Coat. Coating for Foundation (ASTM D 1227, Type 3 Class 2 & ASTM D 1187, Type 2).

Product description
Key features

BINACHEM BITU COAT is bitumen based waterproofing emulsion of the non-fibrated type. When completely dry BITU COAT forms a waterproof plastic coating that is resistant to re-emulsifying after prolonged immersion in water, even when slightly acid or alkaline, vapour passage and resistant to aggressive agents present in the soil.


Binachem Bitu Coat is used on the concrete to protect against salty ground water, after drying it provides a joint less waterproof
membrane which seals hairline cracks and pinhole on the surface.

  • Waterproofing flat or curved surfaces on structures below ground level,
such as man-made tunnels and Under-passes.
  • Cold waterproofing masonry, or concrete poured over bare ground.
  • As Protective Coating for foundations, timber & metal, Concrete & Asbestos etc.
  • Corrosion resistant coating & vapour barrier


  • 25 Litre & 200 Litre Containers


Approximate coverage



Metal Surface

1.5 - 2 m2

Concrete Surface

1- 1.5 m2

*Coverage data are for general guidance. Actual consumption depend upon substrate, application techniques & wastages etc.


Properly stir the BINACHEM BITU COAT before its application. BITU COAT can be applied by brush, broom or airless spray
equipment. Regular coating should be applied evenly across the surface in one generous coat. Allow first coat to dry prior to
application of second or third coat based on substrate condition or porosity. It is essential and recommended to have safe drying
margin 2 hours between coats.

Damp surfaces:

Primer coat is recommended for damp proofing surfaces.


Dilute Binachem Bitu Coat with approximately 50% of water and mix properly until completely blended. Apply the primer by
brush, roller or spray.

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