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Binachem REM-WP

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem REM-WP. Flexible Waterproofing Slurry

Product description
Key features
BINACHEM REM-WP is a grey colored cement based two component polymer modified waterproofing slurry.
  • Powder made of cements, fillers and admixtures.
  • Liquid based on resins and additives.
It cures to form waterproof, flexible and resistant membrane, suitable for use in potable water tanks, reservoirs, canals and tunnels. The material which can be applied on cement based substrate like concrete, cement plaster, masonry and gypsum board substrates has been designed to accommodate good crack bridging qualities even after long term water immersion.


For interior/exterior coating on:

  • Potable Water tanks, Tunnels
  • Pits and tanks of any type
  • Waterproofing of terraces and wet areas
  • Waterproofing of sludge basins in sewage.
  • Waterproofing of below-grade structures like basements, retaining walls, foundations, etc.


  • 25 Kg Unit (A+B)


BINACHEM REM-WP is applied at the rate of 1.5 -2.5 kg/m2 per coat depending on the substrate and application.

Mixing & Application:

Both components are premeasured for use as flexible waterproofing slurry. Place the full contents of component A in a suitable mixing container. Under slow stirring, add all of component B and mix to homogenous, lump free slurry consistency using a slow rotating drill (max. 250 rpm) and avoiding entrapment of any air. For mortar consistency use only 90% of liquid component A. While the substrate is still damp work the slurry vigorously into the surface. Apply the first coat & leave to harden (6-12 hrs.). For trowelable mortars use a notched trowel.

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