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Binachem Binafond

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem Binafond. Bituminous Foundation Coating (ASTM C 309 Type I & BS 3416, Type I & II).

Product description
Key features

BINACHEM BINAFOND is a cold applied, solvent based Bituminous coating. Can be used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces, in the exterior insulation of the foundations and basement walls. BINACHEM BINAFOND foundation coating forms a flexible, damp vapour protective proof membrane.


BINACHEM BINAFOND can be used wherever curing of concrete combined with effective waterproofing, weather proofing and
corrosion resistant required.

  • Provides effective protective coating for the foundations of the general structures and also acts as weather resistance.
  • Cold waterproofing masonry, or concrete poured over bare ground.


  • 200 Litre Drum


Approximate coverage



2-3 m2


2-5 m2


*Coverage data are for general guidance. Actual consumption depend upon substrate, application techniques & wastages etc.


Properly stir the BINACHEM BINAFOND before its application. BINAFOND can be applied by brush, broom or spray equipment.
It may be applied to slightly damp but not wet surfaces. Sets in approximately 2 hours depending on climate conditions. Do not
proceed to next layer before the first layer sets completely. Wait 2-4 hours for each layer of applications.
In order to increase the product’s carrying strength on surfaces exposed to temporary or permanent water pressure, alkali-resis-
tant fiberglass reinforcement mesh must be placed on the whole surface, and the second layer application must be to completely
cover the mesh.

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