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ICC Factory provides tile adhesives in both cementitious and polymer-modified varieties, in order to fulfill diverse construction and remodeling needs. Our range of adhesives suit multiple materials (ceramic, marble and porcelain), different weights and varying sizes of tiles.

Typically, the adhesives are made from a mixture of Portland cement, polymers and aggregate particles, with some additives incorporated to improve their capacity for laying tiles. The final result is a ready-made mixture, which provides ease of application. Our products meet the ANSI A118.1 (American National Standard Specifications for dry-set cement mortar) and ANSI A118.4 (American National Standard Specifications for modified dry-set cement mortar).

When purchasing tile adhesives from ICC Factory, our team of expert’s guide clients in making the right choice of product, suited to their particular project and its location’s requirements.

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Bonding Agents & Admixtures

Electric Water Heaters, Drains, Cast Iron Ducts, Interceptors, Valves, Tile Pipes/Fittings, Water Hammer Arrestors, etc.

Concrete Repair

An epoxy used to fix hardened concrete surface that has lost its binding strength over time due to damage or environmental exposure


A dense fluid used to fill gaps and joints - particularly tiles


Solution to help make objects and structures water resistant

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