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Binachem Liquid Asphalt

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem Liquid Asphalt. Bituminous Coating (ASTM D – 1227, TYPE III, CLASS 1).

Product description
Key features

BINACHEM LIQUID ASPHALT is designed for damp proofing the exterior side of below-grade foundations and walls. Above grade, BINACHEM LIQUID ASPHALT provides a “breathable” moisture barrier used for damp proofing exterior walls in cavity wall construction. This heavy bodied emulsion is made from selected of self-healing low softening point Asphalt, stable  etroleum solvent, mineral stabilizers and highly elasticity materials


BINACHEM LIQUID ASPHALT is a general purpose waterproofing coating.

  • Is good for use as below grade damp proofing of walls and foundations.
  • Is excellent for lining concrete and masonry planters.
  • Can be used for damp proofing cavity walls.
  • Is useful in damp proofing of gypsum wall board assemblies.
  • Foundations, basements, spouts and gutters.
  • Also designed for exterior coating of pipe, metals and other similar application.


  • 200 Litre Drum


Approximate coverage



2-3 m2


4-5 m2


2-3 m2


*Coverage data are for general guidance. Actual consumption depend upon substrate, application techniques & wastages etc.

Mixing & Application:

Stir coating thoroughly. A tighter bond to porous surfaces will result if surface is damp when
coating is applied.
Apply with a soft bristle brush or heavy duty spray equipment. For best results keep brush strokes in one direction and apply
additional coats at a right angle to the former coat. Avoid excessive brushing.

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