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ICC Factory’s bonding agents, available as Acrylic Resin and Latex Polymer, are useful for modifying Portland cement compositions to make higher-quality concrete. The admixture helps make the concrete elastic, thixotropic, waterproof and resistant to damage from repeated frost and thaw. It also makes the mortar suitable for application across different materials, such as old concrete, wood, and asphalt.

Our products meet all international latex agent bonding standards and specifications for fresh to hardened concrete (ASTM C1059 Type 1) materials.

ICC Factory sources bonding agents from both local and international manufacturers. Our team of experts make product recommendations after a detailed assessment of client requirements.

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Concrete Repair

An epoxy used to fix hardened concrete surface that has lost its binding strength over time due to damage or environmental exposure


A dense fluid used to fill gaps and joints - particularly tiles

Tile Adhesives

A special glue used to install tiles on floors and walls


Solution to help make objects and structures water resistant

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