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Binachem REM Concrete Repair Mortar

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem REM - Concrete Repair Mortar

Product description
Key features
BINACHEM REM – Concrete Repair Mortar is a grey dry polymer modified cementitious mortar suitable for heavy duty repairs to concrete, aerated concrete and cementitious structures. When mixed it provides a thixotropic, high strength repair mortar. Acrylic polymer modified it exhibits excellent bond characteristics to structural steel reinforcement and concrete.


  • Repair of concrete pipes / precast concrete
  • Repair of damaged structural concrete
  • Repairs to honeycombing
  • Wherever a highly durable repair topping or render is required to ensure maximum resistance o salt penetration, Sulphate and chlorides
  • Suitable for substrate levelling, prior to thin bed tiling on concrete


  • 25 Kg Bags



Approx 1.2 – 1.6 Kg/m2

@ 1mm

*Coverage data are for general guidance. Actual consumption depend upon substrate, application techniques & wastages etc.

Mixing & Application:

Add 25 Kg powder of Binachem REM to 4.5±0.5 liters water and mix to homogenous, lump free grout consistency using a slow rotating drill (max. 250 rpm) and avoiding entrapment of any air.
Trowel the mortar in one operation upto 5mm. Thickness can be applied from 5mm to 40mm dependent on repair size geometry. On larger flat areas, layers should not exceed 10mm in thickness, though several layers can be applied in quick succession, each layer being allowed to obtain initial set before the next is applied (usually between 20 – 40 minutes dependent on ambient temperature conditions).

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