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Binachem Expan-G/Formerly Expan-M1

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem Expan-G/Formerly Expan-M1 (NON-SHRINK CEMENTITIOUS GROUT)

Product description
Key features

BINACHEM EXPAN-G Grout is a blend of Portland cement, special admixtures and proprietary aggregates designed to provide high flexural and compressive strength performance from plastic to fluid consistencies. BINACHEM EXPAN-G is non-metallic, non-shrink, non-gas forming and contains no chlorides or aluminum powders.


  • Can be used to fill gaps of thickness up to 25 mm
  • Assembly of pre-cast parts made of reinforced or pre-stressed concrete
  • Bridge bearing applications
  • Concrete jacketing for slabs, columns, beams and footings
  • Fixing industrial equipment and heavy machinery, mounting plates
  • Excellent shock & vibration resistance
  • Closing or filling around pipes in water tanks / swimming pools
  • Anchoring of steel bars


  • 25 Kg Bags


Approximate coverage


2-2.5 Kg Powder Per 1 Litre Mortar

*Coverage data are for general guidance. Actual consumption depend upon substrate, application techniques & wastages etc.

Mixing & Application:

Add 25 Kg powder to 4±0.5 liters water and mix to homogenous, lump free grout consistency using a slow rotating drill (max. 250
rpm) and avoiding entrapment of any air.
When underpouring machines a form of non-absorbing materials is built around the base plate to a height slightly greater than
the gap to be filled. Pour BINACHEM EXPAN-G from one side until it appears on all sides of the form consolidation and can be
assisted by light tapping of the shuttering.

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