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Binachem Binabond

Available brands - Binachem

Binachem Binabond. Water Resistant Bonding Agent for Mortar and Concrete (ASTM C 1059, Type 1 Re-emulsifiable).

Product description
Key features
BINACHEM BINABOND a synthetic emulsion is a multipurpose product formulated for use as a bonding agent when pouring new concrete over existing and also as an admixture for all types of cementitious structural repairs and resurfacing projects.


Binachem Binabond can be used as a bonding agent & site-mix mortar admixtures for the following applications.

  • Tile Adhesive, Grouts & Screeds.
  • Concrete additive for floor restoration/levelling.
  • Renders, Floor Screeds & Patching Mortars.
  • Ideal for topping, leveling, patching, and dressing of concrete and masonry.


200 Litre Drum, 20 Litre & 5 Litre Pack

Mixing & Application:

Mix BINACHEM BINABOND and water together, add the cement-sand mix, and then mechanically blend the complete mix thoroughly. Depending on the application Binabond can be diluted with clean water in the ratio of 1:1. The quantity of water should also be determined by trial mix, where only 40% of the water is first added to BINACHEM BINABOND before adding to the sand-cement mix. Approximate work life is 25-35 minutes at normal temperature.

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